About “The Naked Researcher”

We know what you think: intriguing !

How does a scientist look like? What is he/she wearing? What is his/her look on their face? How do they have their hair? Got an image in your head ?

Now throw it out !

In this exhibit we will present you 3 scientists and you will discover that they are no different than you or your neighbor. They are “normal” people: a parent, a woman, an athlete, an immigrant, a musician, a  dog-lover or cat-person, a friend. But foremost, a person in love with science. 

It is also worth noting that research is not a one-person job. Behind each recent, huge discovery stands a team of researchers motivated to discover something that no one knew about before. 

With short videos we will further grant you a peek into their workplace, which can vastly differ from the top of a volcano, to the bench of a Wet-Lab or the inside of a café. 

Still intrigued ? Come and visit The Naked Research exhibit @ LSC !!